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At Apollonia Dental we feel blessed to be able to bring a bio-functional approach in dental medicine to the Oklahoma City area. We seek to treat each patient as an individual to find the root cause of oral disease. A more frequently used term for this type of treatment can be “holistic.” “Holistic” is a very broad term with many meanings and depends greatly on the point of view and experiences of the individual. In many ways this term may be applicable to our treatment methods, although bio-functional is a more suitable term.

The mouth or oral cavity is a window to the body. Each person’s mouth provides a view into a patient’s overall health and well being. Many oral health conditions can lead to systemic disease, meaning it can affect the biological systems of the body as a whole. Also, the opposite can be true, dysfunction and disease in the biological systems of the body can affect the health of the oral cavity. We, at Apollonia Dental, look forward to being able to offer many bio-functional techniques and services to our patients. We want to work with our patients to improve their oral health and therefore improve their overall systemic health.

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Non-metal or ceramic implants are the preferred method of tooth replacement in the bio-functional dental practice. Zirconia Implants…

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The Lightwalker Laser is a high performance Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser. This state-of-the-art laser offers both an erbium and a neodymium…

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Ozone therapy is a treatment used to remove and eliminate bacteria, fungi and viral pathogens from the tissue. This helps to decrease…

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Amalgam fillings, also known as silver fillings, contain 50% mercury. Mercury is a heavy metal and is extremely toxic…

Our New Building

Apollonia Dental will be located near the intersection of Britton Road and North Western in the historic Britton District of Oklahoma City. Our office is new construction in order to provide our patients with the most up to date technology in a clean, comfortable and welcoming environment.

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Dr. Katharine Dunnington has been practicing dentistry and providing care to patients for over 15 years. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. She then went on to receive her Doctorate as a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. She has further received Fellowship status with the American Orthodontic Society and is SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) certified with the International Association of Oral Medical Toxicology (IAOMT). Dr. Dunnington is also an active member of the International Association of Oral Medical Toxicology (IAOMT), the American Orthodontic Society (AOS), the International Association of Biological Dentistry (IABDM) and the American Academy of Ozonetherapy (AAO).  

The ideal Apollonia Dental Patient is any person at any age wanting to improve their health through a holistic approach that improves their overall oral dental health and therefore overall wellness.
At your initial appointment at Apollonia Dental, you will find some similarities to other dental visits with previous providers, but there will also be some differences.

As a new patient, you will be asked to fill out patient information paperwork prior to your visit. This paperwork will include basic patient demographic information. You will also fill out additional information pertaining to your overall health which will include a nutrition and digestion questionnaire and an extensive health history questionnaire.

In your initial appointment with Dr. Dunnington, you will receive a thorough diagnostic examination which will include x-rays, a series of diagnostic photos, digital impressions, a nutrition and digestion review, an oral cancer screening, saliva analysis, and a Vitamin D evaluation. Depending on the needs of the patient, the doctor may review all the findings day of or may decide to schedule a follow-up appointment to allow for more time to review.

We do accept insurance, but please keep in mind that we are not in network with any insurance providers. However, we will be happy to file your insurance as a convenience or we can provide you with a Super Bill that you can provide to your insurance company.
We do have payment options available. We offer some in office payment plans as long as the payments meet a certain set of established office parameters. We offer an in-office membership plan that provides a framework to make low monthly payments and receive discounts on procedures. We also offer Care Credit as a payment option (link Care Credit).
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